Monday, December 18, 2017

Catalan Candidates campaign from behind bars

Left Cover for Repression by the Spanish State by France's Melenchon and Britain's Owen Jones the stinking corpse of Social Democracy

Democracy and Class Struggle says Frances's Melenchon and Britain's Owen Jones speak at the anti independence party Catalunya en Comu in Barcelona.

European Social Democracy is a stinking corpse providing left cover for the repressive Spanish Centralised State.

While we get the occasional left phraseology from the social democrats about right of nations to self determination - their determination is to oppose it and not lead it just like Melenchon and Owen Jones the stinking corpses of social democracy.

The Progressive Lawyer Juan Manuel Olarieta from the Basque Country speaks eloquently  about the domestic Spanish Revisionists and Social Democrats on the Question of Catalan Independence and his comments apply to those Social Democrats and  Revisionists from outside Spain as well like Melenchon amd Owen Jones.

"Like all charlatans, Garzón* confronts the working class with national rights, as if they were opposite things, to conclude that "the independence of Catalonia will not allow the popular classes to live better or emancipate themselves from capitalism," which is absolutely false.

What Garzon conceals is that Catalonia is a nation, so independence is one of so many democratic demands of the working class, the whole working class, including the Spanish working class, must not only support or sympathize, but must take charge and direct it , as any other just struggle directed against the State.

The whole effort of the social fascists, like Garzón and Izquierda Undida, is aimed precisely at preventing the working class from leading the struggle of Catalonia for its national demands, because it is precisely that, to leave it in the hands of the bourgeoisie, then accuse to the nationalist movement of "bourgeois", which for the "left" demagogues must be something like the plague.

Not only "the bourgeois" is always oblivious to "the worker" but must appear to be confronted in any circumstance. That is the short sketch that about the class struggle have in their head the types like Gazon.

Naturally, this shabby schema extends it to its notion of "internationalism" which, in the same mechanical way, considers it as opposed to "nationalism", a label distributed to a broad mass movement. In case those subjects have never traveled to Catalonia, they should see photos of the popular mobilizations that are everywhere, where the struggle has reached a scale typical of any national movement.

The social-fastidious geeks must learn that in such a broad national movement not only nationalists participate, but all of them. Or have they not yet digested that internationalism arises precisely to defend the national interests of peoples oppressed by colonialism and imperialism? What do they think was the Communist International?

Contrary to what Garzón says, the right to self-determination is not only demanded by "the richest parts". Or has it been believed that in Catalonia the "richer" parts add up to many millions of people.

Do the Social Fascists want us to believe that when Marx and Engels defended the slogan "Workers of the world, unite!" 

They referred to the forced union of workers of different nations within the same State ? 

That is all they have understood ?

In this respect, in the Marxist tradition there is no "everything" about the right of self-determination, as Garzón pretends to believe. 

In Catalonia the recent battle has drawn a line in the ground.

The one who does not defend self-determination is not only outside Marxism, but outside of democracy. 

Those against Catalonia are with fascism,  must be treated as such. 

There is no other label for him".

*PS Alberto Garzon is a Spanish Revisionist

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Protesters call for Netanyahu to resign amid corruption allegations

Democracy and Class Struggle says Netanyahu and Trump have much in common politically but these birds of  feather might be struck down with one stone - criminal charges.

Netanyahu and Trump in chains maybe too much to wish for this Christmas - we wish for peace in Middle East and on the Korean Peninsula first - but both of them being in chains would make that wish just a little bit more possible.

Stone Cold Truth " Its Painfully Obvious Trump will be charged with a Crime " Has Christmas come early ?

Democracy and Class Struggle says so far this Christmas Season we have seen a lot of ill will from Trump over Jerusalem and North Korea but it is just possible we might just get some good cheer if Trump's "John Bircher" Roger Stone is right and Trump is going to get charged with a crime.

Russian Hacker in Russian Court Claims He Hacked DNC Servers By Request Of The Kremlin

Democracy and Class Struggle says we reported individuals in Russian FSB were freelancing and selling information here

Therefore someone working for the FSB on Cyber Security is not automatically working for the Kremlin.

Russian interference in the US Election is not automatically Kremlin interference - but still makes it likely.

Konstantin Kozlovsky was arrested by the Russian authorities for alleged bank heists. 

Kozlovsky has reportedly testified that he has been reporting directly to Dmitry Dokuchayev (a major-general in the FSB) since 2008. He also claimed that Dokuchayev had instructed him to attack the DNC’s servers for the purpose of manipulating the electoral process in the United States. 

Democracy and Class Struggle has previously reported that Dokuchayev (Dokuchaev) was himself arrested on charges of treason and was accused by the agency of passing information to the CIA. 

Dokuchayev was also then charged in the US for hacking into the Yahoo servers. 

Dmitry Dokuchaev was arrested for violation of Art. 275 (Treason) of the Russian Criminal Code. 

He says he did not cooperate with hacker Konstantin Kozlovsky, who pleaded guilty to hacking the US Democrats, according to Dokuchaev’s lawyer, RBCreports.

For United States interference in Russian Elections

The Konstatin Koslovsky story may be true or false , at least it fits a pattern of activities by rogue FSB Traitors  - but what it links too in future may be more interesting.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

India : Kobad Ghandy Re- Arrested - Press Statement from Kobad Ghandy

After being acquitted in all cases and spending eight years and three months in jail, when I, Kobad Ghandy was finally released from jail, I was re-arrested by the Jharkhand Police just three days after release. On Dec 16, 2017, I was attending the Achempet Court (near Hyderabad), the Jharkhand, accompanied by the APSIB (Andhra Pradesh State Intelligence Bureau) arrested me and took me by flight to Ranchi.

This FIR has been pending since 2010 and even though I and the Cherlapalli jail authorities wrote to the JMFC Bokaro/Tenughat twice for production there was no response. The first letter was written more than one year back on November 2, 2016. And when there was no response to this a reminder was sent by me and the jail authorities on March 9, 2017. Still there was no response.

Though I am 71 years and in serious health conditions. Immediately after release I had a check-up at the Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, which recommended at least one month's complete rest. 

It is clear the police methods are being used to kill legally, given I am 71 years old and in very poor health. Since seven years they did not bother about this case, but in order to keep me in jail as an under trial indefinitely, they arrested me immediately on release.

In the case they have taken me, most have been acquitted and the rest are on bail. Yet the harassment.

If anything serious happens to my health in jail with this arrest, I will hold the government responsible. Given that I have been acquitted in all cases, that most have been acquitted in this case, and my age and health condition, demand my immediate release.

Kobad Ghandy

Dec 16, 2017

India Seeks To Reshape Its Armored Forces

Catalonia :'Future of Article 155 central in campaign debate'

Democracy and Class Struggle says the struggle in Catalonia is very important for the future of national rights and democracy not only in Spain but all of Europe.

The absence of a Marxist Leninist Maoist Revolutionary Party to lead working class National and Social Liberation in Catalonia is not the absence of the relevance of  Catalan Struggle to Europe and the rest of the World,

Catalonia's most hesitant bourgeoisie is confirmation that only the working class can lead the national struggle to success

In the absence of a revolutionary MLM  Party in Catalonia Democracy and Class Struggle like our Welsh Comrades in Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr critically supports Popular Unity CUP in Catalan Elections and a Constituent Assembly Process to create a democratic Constitution for the New Catalan Republic.

Those revisionists and  social democrats who rally to the defense of the Spanish State are promoting Social Fascism.

We know these  "Revolutionary" Leftists who love the Spanish the British and Imperialist French States very well.

They are opposed to the revolutionary smashing of these Imperialist States and are terrified of real revolution

They have good reason to fear us as their political days are numbered.

India : Hyderabad Friends and Comrades Released

I, along with 18 other friends, was released at 9.45 and reached home by 10.30.

Today I am a little busy on some other preoccupation and I will write a detailed note most probably tomorrow on what happened and how. Anyway, Thanks from depths of my heart for you concern.

N Venugopal Rao

Friday, December 15, 2017

India: Condemn the arrest of Comrade Varavara Rao, Dr. C Kaseem, Paani, Geetanjali, ma bhoomi Sandya, Kurmanath, Ramkhi, Sagar, Aravind and Nalamasa krishna

                                                              Comrade Varavara Rao

Democracy and Class Struggle has just heard from Hyderabad of the arrests of comrades Varavara Rao, Dr. C Kaseem, Paani, Geetanjali, ma bhoomi Sandya, Kurmanath, Ramkhi, Sagar, Aravind and Nalamasa krishna.

Publicize widely and condemn the arrests.

N Venugopal Rao writes 

Shameful Act of Telangana Government

Friends, in protest of Prapancha Telugu Mahasabhalu (World Telugu Conference, a state sponsered circus in the mame of language and literature), Virasam gave a call to boycott and organised a protest demonstration at Sri Sri’s statue on Tank Bund at 4 pm today. 

I am not part of Virasam, but independently oppose government’s tamasha. 

At 2 pm, two hours ahead of demonstration, police came to my home and said they are making a preventive arrest. 

I was brought to kanchan bagh police station. Around 5 pm many others including varavara rao, pani, kasim, geetanjali, maabjoomi sandhyakka are also brought to the same police station. 

Till now there is no sign of release...