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Aleksandr Dugin: Critical Analysis by Wahid Azal

Democracy and Class Struggle welcomes this critical analysis of Aleksandr Dugin by Wahid Azal  - we have studied and watched the evolution of this Russian Thinker in Theory and the Practice and his eclectic and deliberately ambiguous ideology of the Fourth Political Theory which underpins a section of the rightist resurgence in Europe and even the USA.

One of the recent ideological obscenities of the 21st century was the Televison love in of Alex Jones of InfoWars and Aleksandr Dugin. 

Dugin played Alex Jones in the interview but Alex Jones was not even aware of it - it certainly exposed US ideological primitivism against Russian ideological sophistication.

In the role of the special adviser to Putin, Dugin, has been the purveyor of bad advice instigating the "closeness" of Russian Presidential Administration to the Trump Presidential Campaign - - - which has ensured that a Russian US Detente has been removed to a very distant future.

The ideological space that Aleksandr Dugin is now trying to fill is that of France now the US Trump Debacle is apparent to all but the Old Believers and the very real danger that NATO and Trump pose to Russia.

The Slogan of Marine Le Pen of Globalists verses Patriots is right out of Aleksandr Dugin's Playbook.

It is an attempt to transcend Left and Right and Democracy and Class Struggle for a non class Utopia of Patriots.

Russia in 1917 and 2017 shows that the bourgeoisie are profit patriots and the real patriots are the poor - yes the proletariat - the real world has a truth of its own.

The US Bourgeoisie has "declassed" the Trumpen proletariat - Marine Le Pen's ambition for France is to serve the French bourgeoisie and the centralizing French State where bourgeoisie profits patriots will run wild and the proletariat loses is class identity in a sea of red white and blue.

In the era of Imperialism the working class are the real patriots in the nations imprisoned in the Imperialist States of Britain, France and Spain.

Democracy and Class Struggle is opposed to British Nationalism in all it variants and in particular to UKIP variant which is in the words of Marine Le Pen is a hairs breath way from the Front Nationale.

We stand uneqivocally for the rights of self determination of the Nations imprisoned in the British State the Scottish, The Welsh and Irish People in the North of Ireland and the people of Kernow and Manxx.

The non class and even "declassed" view of politics of the Front National with its patriots against the Globalists is social class fakery taken to the extreme - a page out of the idiot of the 21st Century Donald J Trump and the trumpen proletariat.

The attempt to transform the Global System of Capitalist Imperialism into just some elite is missing the ideological base and social superstructure of Capitalist Imperialism and its class structure and function.

Globalists verses patriots is not anti capitalist or even anti imperialist it is social chauvinism and phrase mongering of the worst sort.

The Front Nationale is an enemy of the Nations imprisoned in the French State as the British State is of the Nations of the British Isles.

Democracy and Class  Struggle Stands with the Bretons, the Basques , The Occitane for their rights of self determination against the French State just as we oppose the British one.

Dugin's ideology whether it is in Austria the Netherlands the USA or France will face the reality of Class Struggle and and anti Imperialist patriots and no Dugin Occultism can overcome that - Himmler tried that in the past and Dugin will have the same result - it is not a Russian Truth but the real world with a truth of its own

For our broader class vision of the coming reconfiguration of Europe read

T Rex Tillerson In Asia : North Korea, South Korea - Japan and China - Philippines and South China Sea

A useful analysis of the T Rex's visit to China - nuclear weapons are here to stay on the Korean Peninsula ?

The Police Murder of Liu Shaoyo in Paris leads to large scale protests by Asian Community

Sunday evening (March 26).

Liu Shaoyo, a 56-year-old Chinese national, was shot dead  By the Police at the entrance to his 19th-century apartment

Police say they came after a "family dispute"  And justifies the use of the gun on Liu Shaoyo
By an alleged attack with a pair of scissors.

The family says that Liu Shaoyo  Came to the door with scissors because he was cutting fish.

Red Salute to French Maoist comrades fighting police repression

The Russian Iranian Alliance : Aims Objectives and Differences

Article 50 and the National and Social Liberation of the British Isles by Nickglais

                                                  Atlantic Europe in 2050

Notice under article 50 will been given by the British State from withdrawal from the European Union on 29th March 2017.

Therefore this issue will dominate " British" Politics and the politics of "National Liberation" for coming years in these islands.

Therefore clarity is required on this issue from the so called nationalist parties in Scotland Ireland and Wales and also from Republican Socialists in these nations.

A clarity that will achieve the strategic objective of independence in the sovereign use of that term.

The Nationalist Parties in Scotland Ireland and Wales are united in wanting to "remain" or rejoin the European Union.

Despite the economic mercantilist ( beggar my nieghbour) policies  pursued by Germany the economic engine of the European Union - despite the national humiliation of Greece and Ireland - which should deeply offend any nationalist-  the so called nationalist parties are committed to a post Brexit European Union.

The supra national cosmopolitan Europe of the elites utilizes the European Central Bank  for quantative easing for corporations not the people's of Europe, The European Court of Justice through a series of decisions in the early 21st century have prioritised the rights of the market over the rights of labour  - this is where our so called nationalists want to take us post British State Brexit - why ?

What manner of nationalists are these people - history gives us a firm answer and it comes from James Connolly, John Maclean and Lenin they are  bourgeois nationalists those nationalists that serve the  capitalist elite in Edinburgh, Dublin or Cardiff while pretending to serve the people as a whole - their self deception is rampant that they think they are the people.

It has been apparent for over a 100 years that bourgeois nationalists are not the true patriots in the era of Imperialism - that lies with the working class - yes the proletariat.

Raising the working class  to the leading class in the nation is the Republican Socialist task in Scotland Wales and Ireland and the completion of the national democratic revolutions aborted by the British State in the early 20th century can now finally be realised.

National and social liberation will be that lethal combination that will see's off that 18th century construct and invented tradition of Brittannia.

However before the fall of the British State - Brittannia has one last hope it is the self deception of the bourgeois nationalists of Scotland Ireland and Wales.

Because the strategic notion of sovereign independence is at odds with the supra nationalism of the European Union which did not go unnoticed by many millions throughout the British Isles in the EU Referendum in Wales,Scotland and Ireland.

The Bourgeois Nationalists by employing the tactic of Pro EU membership eats away at their very strategic aim of sovereign Independence and the British State will utilize that contradiction to maximum effect in the years ahead.

This leads us as Republican Socialists to ask the question do they really want  genuine independence or has their closet British Unionism ( Love of Queen, Members in the House of Lords even some bourgeois republican elements )  been transformed into European Unionism the wet dream of Sir Oswald Moseley post 1945.

While as Republican Socialists we stand for and deeply believe in internationalism and international organisations that give mutual respect to all nations and peoples we abhor supra (above) nationalism where an undemocratic capitalist bureaucratic elite can control our finances and law.

We look forward to forming  new international organisations of peoples of Wales and Ireland and Scotland in the coming years based on mutual respect and understanding of the real tasks of national and social liberation ahead.

We reject the great deception of the bourgeois nationalists in Scotland, Wales Ireland on the basis of a class analysis of their politics not just in theory but political practice.

We also reject those that fail to understand the class nature of politics and would force a non class patriots verses globalism agenda on the national movements which would open the door to the most ferocious national fascism.

We live in the era of the twilight of the British State formation and the French State formation and the Spanish State formation and the disintegration of the European Union and liberation of  previously nationally oppressed nations - that process will take  universal as well as highly specific forms which will better understand over time.

The fierce defense of the artificial construct the  French State against the rights of other nations in France is exemplified by Marine Le Pen in her non class rhetoric of patriots verses globalism that echo the declassed Trumpen proletariat.

The process began by the British State on 29th March 2017 will reshape not just not the nations of the British Isles in Northern Europe - but hasten the re configuration of Europe over the next hundred years.

It is a call for Republican Socialist action to avoid the great national deceptions arising on the Left from social democratic parties like Sinn Fein, SNP and Plaid Cymru but also from the Fascist right particularly in France.

The need for Socialist Republicanism has never been greater in the last 100 years to shine the path to independence and socialism in the 21st Century

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Report from Kharkov :The case of Alexander Livshits : The case of Ultra-nationalism, right-wing fascist patrols and return of politics of force

As the times of truth are dissolving and blending into the chaotic future, governments in Europe seem to turn against their people, to launch which-hunting against dissidents and anyone they think could be potentially disloyal people. The key her is with the word of potency and the result is a form of preventive offensive action.

What comes out of that starts to easily look like a form of nationalism, if not even fascism, but at least strong patriotism, and in many circles that kind of development is considered to not to be politically appropriate. Still, many governing circles actually want to promote such, so they fall back following the example of the big boys, fall back using and supporting proxy forces. Civil battalions, with unaccountable links to the command and control centres, these groups like Azov battalion Kharkov, Ukraine, patrol street and cause terror among the population.

Oftentimes these civil corps act under the silent patronage and acceptance of the governing parties, as corrupting and wrong as the situation is. However, they play the same game, and with unaccountable link in between the paramilitant civil wings are perhaps seen beneficial for the upholding, enforcing, strengthening of the nationalist attitude. Some northern countries used to call that social coherence or willingness to defence the country. However they put the words, the end result stays largely same, that the European nationalism, in its bad, violent and fascist forms is breeding up. Particularly that is seen at the moment in Ukraine and along whole of the eastern border of Europe, where NATO has deployed heavy military presence as well. And at the same time the politics of force, assassinations and even approximate drone operations are getting dangerous foothold as the language on the international level.

Fascist symbols painted on their cars, with flags and uniforms, groups like Azov civilian forces in Ukraine, take the dirty work of the ruler to impose chaos and fear among the population. Just recently, around the same times of the sudden loss of life of five or how many Russian diplomats, North Korean key person at the Malaysian airport and many others, also in Kharkov, Ukraine a fellow man named “ Alexander Livshits” was reportedly beaten on the street and later lost his life.

Similar approximate or targeted beatings have been seen occurring elsewhere in numbers as well. Some of them more accurate than others. Mr. Alexander Livshits was however, reportedly meeting his fate and aggressive treatment because of his ethnicity. This is the thing Europe does not want to hear or see happening. Maybe for that reason, the story of this man was quickly labeled as fake news. Woruber mann nicht sprechen kann, daruber muss man schweigen! Even a Facebook page of a friend of this man was quickly taken offline.

Sources from the Borothan Union underground reported from Kharkov, that Mr Alexander was strictly against nazism and right-wing populism, and came there from Odessa and indeed had had some argument or dealings with right wing nazi groups, probably just something like Azov before the incident.

He was a Jew and a communist, a combination that most likely led to the fatal correctional treatment attempt by the ultranationalist fascist civilian forces. Later on Mr Alexander reportedly beaten up to hospital and later lost his life because of the trauma.

Just like the Facebook page vanished, the Kharkov media reportedly did not give much attention to the incident, however serious and alarming that is. The Jewish community in Kharkov has reportedly been complaining about that to the authorities and vigorous messages have been exchanged due to the fact that the whole incident was just tagged as fake news in may occasions.

Even the local rabbi, Moskovits himself has been reported to intervene and the community has been requesting proper investigation of the case, and to protest against the will of Ukrainian authorities to cremate the body (against Jewish Law and tradition).

This tragic case of Mr Alexander highlights the increasing nationalism and even fascism in Europe. With symbols, torchlight marches, ideals of national socialism many of these forces get their support deep from the authorities and bureaucracy.

This all happened middle February 2017 in pure daylight when those very same nazis beaten old man, Jew and communist, all the way to condition requiring hospitalization and then taking his life.

Rest in peace, Mr Alex and all the rest of the victims of paramilitary forces, intelligence community and governments went bad.

Thanks to comrades of the Molotov Club for this Report

Russia US relations reality check - Military Industrial Complex pushes Nuke modernization - interview with Larry Wilkerson

Democracy and Class Struggle says even a Larry Wilkerson can see US involvement with Navalny protests in Russia.

"If anyone from our party gets ‘glued’ to Navalny – this American toy invented for organizing color revolutions – this would mean a 100-percent failure for us,” said Zyuganov leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

It is worthy of note that the massive demonstrations organised by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation during the middle of March throughout Russia were completely ignored by Western Media.

With The Russian Presidential Administration involved in US elections and Trump Administration supporting covert US Actions in Russia in support of Navalny we are at reality check ground zero.

We agree with Larry Wilkinson that Putin is now passing his sell by date.

The Putin  Administration involvement in US elections shows he is losing his political touch - with Michael Flynn being thrown under the bus.

We agree with Aleksandr Buzgalin that Trump is dangerous for Russia,

The Russian Presidential Elections open a new perspective with the rebuilding of a communist movement in the Russian Federation - let the spirit of 1917 return to Russia and smash the beyond left and right ultra nationalists whose denial of class struggle is proto fascism  be it in Russia or USA.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Representation Against Democracy: Jacques Rancière on the French Presidential Elections

Representation Against Democracy: Jacques Rancière on the French Presidential Elections
By Éric Aeschimann / 20 March 2017

For the philosopher Jacques Rancière, France’s strange presidential election campaign is no surprise. He thinks that a French system that entrusts all power to professional politicians mechanically churns out candidates who claim to represent a "clean break." Éric Aeschimann spoke to Rancière for the 9–15 March 2017 edition of L’Obs. Translated by David Broder.

From François Hollande’s decision not to stand, to François Fillon’s legal woes, the current presidential campaign has been a succession of dramatic twists. And you, Jacques Rancière, are a unique observer of this spectacle. For years you have denounced the impasses of representative democracy, which you see as incapable of producing a genuine democracy.

How would you analyse what is happening?

"Representative democracy" is a more than ambiguous term. It conveys the false idea of an already-constituted people that expresses itself by choosing its representatives. Yet the people is not a given that pre-exists the political process: rather, it is the result of this process. This or that political system creates this or that people, rather than the other way around.

Besides, the representative system is founded on the idea that there is a class in society that represents the general interests of society. In the minds of the American founding fathers, that was the class of enlightened landowners. This system creates a people that identifies its legitimate representatives as coming from within this class, periodically reconfirming as much at the ballot box.

The representative system gradually became an affair for professionals, who then reproduced themselves. But in so doing this system generated its own reverse, the mythical idea of a people not represented by these professionals and aspiring to provide itself with representatives who really do incarnate it. This is the piece of theatre — of constantly declining quality — that each election now reproduces.

Yours is a very dark view. Is this system intrinsically biased?

In its very principle it is oligarchic, and not democratic. And in France this oligarchy lost its legitimacy when it became clear that the enlightened property owners represented only the interests of property. That was exposed with the "republican" assemblies of 1848 and 1871, packed out with royalists raging against the workers and revolutionaries.

The oligarchy little by little became a class of politicians that represents nothing but the system itself. The Fifth Republic’s majoritarian and presidential system has accelerated this process. We now have two alternating groups, each one in turn governing and holding all the power. This strengthens professionalisation. In parallel to this, the figure of president is supposed to incarnate the people that this professionalisation betrays.

But then why does everyone claim to be "against the system"?

As it reproduces itself, the system mechanically produces an internal divide, a diabolic double. The majority party in fact represents only one-fifth of the electorate, thus creating the self-evident fact that the true, majoritarian people is not being represented. Yet when the other parties take their own turns in power, they increasingly come to resemble one another.

Hence the recurrent theme of the spat-upon and betrayed people. As an institution that claims directly to represent the people, the presidency increases the system’s own internal tension. It produces spaces for candidates to declare "I am the candidate of the un-represented people"! There is the niche for the "faithful" who denounce the left-wing party’s betrayals, it now having come to resemble the Right.

There is the niche for Le Pen, that of the suffering substantial people. There is the niche for Macron: the living forces of the nation opposed to the polarisation among the parties. And there are also overlaps, like in the case of Mélenchon, playing both the "faithful" Left and the suffering people. In a certain era, workers’ parties represented organised collective forces that came to pressure the system from the outside. Today the "real people" is a figure forged by the system itself. We get to a point where we no longer know who will take the different roles: nowadays, a billionaire can represent the people spat upon by the billionaires.

We hear it said on both Left and Right that politics has to be incarnated in leaders who provide a face for the collective will.

Incarnation is not a political notion. It is a religious concept, which ought to be left to religion. Its persistence in politics today is linked to this idea of a real, deeper people. That is what the far Right preys upon. "Left-populism" claims that it can tear this people away from the far Right by proposing an alternative model: that of a leader who incarnates the people and constitutes it as such, in the style of Hugo Chávez. But incarnation is a principle that is strictly opposed to democracy.

But all the same, weren’t there great politicians like Jaurès, De Gaulle and Roosevelt?

Exceptional figures arrive when the normal rules of the game are broken and it is necessary to invent something else. At that moment, there are individuals who prove able to rise to the circumstances — which are themselves exceptional — by going beyond what was expected of them. De Gaulle took an unprecedented decision in 1940 by exceeding his role as a brigadier general. But as chief of the RPF [postwar centre-right party] he was a manipulator politician like any other. It is to De Gaulle that we owe the Constitution of the Fifth Republic, which has strongly contributed to the deterioration of all public life. It makes me smile that the Left so reveres him today.

How would you organise collective life without representatives? By drawing lots — a measure you supported in your 2005 book Hatred of Democracy?

We should distinguish between delegation and representation. In a democracy, logically enough some people will carry out certain activities on other people’s behalf. But the delegate plays her role only once, which is not true of representatives. Drawing lots was once the normal democratic way of designating delegates, based on the principle that everyone was equally capable. I proposed bringing it back in order to reverse the drive toward professionalisation. But that is no simple recipe, any more than non-renewable mandates are.

These tools are only of interest if they are in the hands of a vast popular movement. Democracy does not exist without these pressures emerging from outside the system, pressures that shake up the institutions of the state — like the "squares movements" did recently. Democracy presupposes that institutions autonomous of state structures and state agendas are able to make these egalitarian moments last.

The presidential campaign will at least have allowed the emergence of a novel theme like universal income. Whatever we substantially think about it, is this not itself good news?

This is progress as compared to Sarkozy, who wanted to put France back to work while getting rid of jobs. But the universal income depends on a questionable analysis, which declares the disappearance of manual labour and the generalised robotisation of industry. Grafted onto that is the idea of the class of immaterial labourers, which is meant to give this demand its revolutionary character.

Yet manual labour has not disappeared — it has been exported to places where it costs less and where workers are more subjugated. Universal income has thus become a sort of extension of the RMI and RSA [benefits for the unemployed and low-waged in France, but set at only a few hundred euros a month and with multiple conditions], designed to make up for the deindustrialisation taking place in our countries.

But that is not the emancipatory measure that some would claim. And its universalism is very limited. Imagine if such an income were guaranteed to the children in the Congolese mines extracting the materials necessary for immaterial labour, or the workers in the factories of Bangladesh! That would change the picture.

You vote only in exceptional cases. If Marine Le Pen were at 48% in the polls on the eve of the second round, mightn’t you slip your vote into the ballot box in order to defeat her — even if that meant voting for Macron or Fillon?

That is the kind of dilemma you can deal with in five minutes if the moment comes. Obviously if Le Pen wins, that won’t be nice. But we have to draw the proper conclusions from this. The solution is to fight against the system that produces the likes of Marine Le Pen, not to believe that you will save democracy by voting for the first-placed corrupt politician.

I still remember the slogan from 2002, "Vote for the crook, not the fascist" [in the second round pitting Jacques Chirac against Jean-Marie Le Pen].

Choosing the crook to avoid the fascist is to deserve both of them. And to prepare the way to having both.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the articles from four Russian newspapers: Izvestia, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Kommersant, and Pravda. He discusses the unique deep sea water operation by the Russian navy in the Mediterranean, the Russian military involvement with Armenia and Azerbaijan, the NATO destabilization plans for the Black Sea and beyond, the top-level negotiations between the Russian and Japanese government officials, and the wide-spread social protests organized by the Russian Communist party across the entire country.

Democracy and Class Struggle finds ourselves in more agreement with Professor Filip Kovacevic in his current review of the Russian Newspapers.

Filip Kovacevic sees the death of the possibilities of detente with Russia on the basis of current NATO actions - something we pointed out when Russia was gripped with Trump Euphoria as anyone who looked at practical on the ground military actions of US and NATO could not avoid that conclusion.

The Russian National Bourgeoisie historically have never been very good at protecting Russian national interests and the Russian Security Military Apparatus  will find itself clashing more with Russian Oligarchic Profit Patriots.

We expect to see purge of free market loving unpatriotic elements in the Russian State in the coming months as a necessity - bye bye Medvedev.

The rebuilding of a revolutionary Communist Party in Russia in 2017 is the responsibility of the Russian People as communists are the real patriots and social justice warriors in Russia but western media ignores their influential struggle but prefers to concentrate on western backed colour revolutionary rightists like Navalny.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

India: The Punjab remembers the immortal contribution of Shaheed Bhagat Singh by Harsh Thakor






Around 5000  people participated in conference and rally to commemorate Bhagat Singh and his fellow comrades Sukhdev and Rajguru.

Speakers vociferously condemned the actions of the state on imprisoning professor Saibaba and 5 others with life sentence  as well as awarding the same  to the Maruti workers.

Raminder Singh,president of NBS,Rajinder Singh,general secretary of PSU,Rakesh Kumar,researcher on Bhagat Singh,,Professor Jagmohan,nephew of Bhagat Singh were some of the important speakers.

The main theme was based on the building of the memorial for the great martyr to which the state had been absolutely apathetic. Over 5000 students and youth participated including around 800 girls.1000 came from Sangrur,100 from Muktsar,1000 from Faridkot,around 150 from Bathinda ,Patiala and Amritsar..I was particularly impressed with the participation of girl students,which was significant.

After the public meeting a rally was held for about one hour to the market are of the town..I was privilaged to be present and witness the ressureection not only of the spirit of Shaheed Bhgat Singh but also echoes of the great student and youth movement led by the same organizations in the 1970s.Such an assembly has great significance to the revolutionary democratic movement as a whole.

When communal hindu fascism is posing a threat similar to what the Nazi regime created in Germany it is vital that Bhagat Singh's ideology or message reaches every walk of life.

Unlike the Gandhian Congress Bhagat Singh stood for revolutionary anti-feudal and anti-imperialist resistance. Gandhian approach would be class collaborationist towards Hindu Saffron Fascism of the RSS variety.

Ferozepur, An important programme of democratic students Organization was held simulntaneously in Hussainwala ,the birthplace of the great martyr.March 23

Thousands of Punjab Students’ Union (PSU) activists took out a march here today to urge the state government to convert the double-storeyed building in Turi Bazaar locality, which was a hideout of Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s Krantikari Party, into a museum-cum-library.

Rajinder Singh, president, PSU, said, “We have already organised more than 200 meetings across the state to make people aware of this building’s importance.”

Kranti Kumar Katiyar, whose father Dr Gaya Prasad used to run a pharmacy at this place, said the government had granted this building the status of a protected monument after a long struggle, but nothing had been done to develop it.

Earlier, HC Arora, a Chandigarh-based advocate, had filed a plea in the High Court, seeking heritage status for this building. Subsequently, the Department of Cultural Affairs, Heritage and Museums had issued a notification in December 2014 under the Punjab Ancient and Historical Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1964.

However, no funds were allocated for the restoration and preservation of the building, following which Arora moved the court again.

Rakesh Kumar, who has authored books on the monument, said, “Converting the building into a museum-cum-library will be our true salute to the martyrs.”

Meticuluos preparation efforts were made,particulary in Sangrur,Faridkot and Muktsar with a series of rallies and cultural programmes staged.Also Candle (Mashal) March at village Ramgarah District Barnala, Punjab in the memory of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev by Krantikari Mazdoor Union and Revolutionary people's Front. and Revolutionary people's Front paid homage to 23rd March Martyrs at Hussainiwala. People in thousands attended the program.regards harsh thakor